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Marketing Ideas To Promote family lawyers

Posted by on Nov 25, 2017

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Family lawyers can invest a lot of finances on legal marketing, but it’s not necessary for them to do that. At times, they tend to be charming and outgoing, something they don’t need to do also. Every family lawyer should understand that a good marketing plan focused on their activities, directed towards the right audience and done consistently is the best thing they can do to promote their legal business. Experts say that the strategy should be given some time, and business will come naturally. 

Everyone should be genuine and even helpful, and even if their actions don’t deliver immediate business, that shouldn’t hurt.

Analysis and strategic plan

Developing a marketing plan is essential. It is good to understand that the process, that is analysis and research, is more important than the result, that is, the plan. Here are some simple strategic steps which can be followed:

Where are you now?

It is important to do a detailed review from your own law firm as well as a legal team. This review can include information about previous work, ancient sources, and referrers of clients, the nature of your clients, the profitability and attractiveness of your work and the range of skills and services you provide. This should also extend to other factors beyond what you offer, like the new trends in the legal environment, new and upcoming competitors, and the effect of technological development as well as sociological changes. This should be the baseline on which you set your goals and objectives and track the progress of your marketing strategies. It should also be the source of your ideas about new opportunities and threats.

Where do you want to be?

After doing a good audit, you get sufficient information to assist you in setting SMART objectives. This helps in managing the expectations of whatever you want to be achieved and makes it easier in selecting the marketing programs which will assist you to achieve your expectations.

How will you get there?

For you to achieve this, there are some strategic decisions which you will have to make. Some of these decisions are:

  • Will you be able to get clients on yourself or you will rely on strategic or third-party alliances?
  • Are you targeting special market segment?
  • Will you try to market to consumers directly or use other intermediaries?

Also, you should consider the main principles of every part of the marketing mix as well as identify the competitive advantage you have against your competitors.

Traditional marketing methods

There are traditional marketing methods which family lawyers still use to market their services, and they continue to serve them very well. These methods include:

  • Reputation – this can be developed through linking with directory listings, professional bodies and social media platforms amongst others.
  • Real information – this is delivering good content to websites and newsletters. This can also be done in briefings and seminars which go past the narrow limits of legal issues.  
  • Relationships – focus on developing a good relationship with both existing and former clients.